Our Sustainability Initiatives


Pinkcity Jewelhouse has been leading the industry with its sustainability efforts as we know that it takes more than a recycling bin in office to tackle the global problems of material waste. We are making sure to do our part by implementing initiatives that help reducing the load.

  • Our facilities are audited by several global agencies/industry associations/customers and approved for sustainability initiatives.
  • Mr. Manuj Goyal is a part of SDG taskforce at Responsible Jewellery Council, leading industry efforts towards sustainable future.
  • Pinkcity Jewelhouse also supports UNSDG [Please click here for details]


In addition to being environmentally friendly, using recycled materials also helps us in optimizing our supply chain because we don’t have to buy raw materials or transport them to our workplace, and this ultimately results in products that are sustainable and yet optimally priced.

–  We are increasingly moving toward using recycled metals and 80% of the silver we used in 2021 was recycled.

–  We offer our customers sustainable choices like lab grown diamonds and recyclable jewelry components.

– We have created systems eliminating use paper in MIS and are also aiming to become paperless in near future.

– We have been using sustainable product packaging for a long time and are committed towards no first use plastic in packaging.

– Our water recycling plant filters 240,000 liters of water every month which is then used in campus landscaping and gardens.

– All three manufacturing units have rainwater harvesting systems that helps in improving local water table for nearby communities.

– We are first in our industry to monitor our ESG performance through analytics and dashboards to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Green Energy

All three manufacturing units have combined solar power generation capacity of 500 KwH per month that helps us in meeting the electricity demand of production in much more conducive way.

[Solar energy output dashboard.]

Commitment towards Net Zero

As an industry leader Pinkcity Jewelhouse has a key role to make that happen and we are totally committed to leading by example.  We are decarbonizing the way we operate and decoupling our business growth from our emissions. Our global reach means we can play an important role in driving the transition to a net zero economy by helping our clients and working with suppliers to tackle their climate impact.