Adherence to UN-SDG:

Pinkcity Jewelhouse has implemented a number of initiatives for education, employment, welfare and essential amenities for communities surrounding our operation sites. To further the value of Sustainability in business, we have adopted the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations. The SDGs are a set of goals which have been adopted by all the members of the United Nations in order to accomplish sustainable development for all.

The 2030 Agenda of the SDGs provide a chance for businesses to align their operations with the adoption of sustainability. They also help to overcome the major threats of natural disasters induced by climate change, managing natural resources, eradicating poverty, fostering peace and reducing inequalities.

Please click on the respective links to view our UN-SDG initiatives.


Pinkcity CSR:

We have certainly come a long way but as much progress as we all have made, there is more work to do to continue delivering value to our customers, employees, investors, and communities. If you are interested in learning more about Pinkcity’s CSR performance and our goals for the future, you can download the latest Pinkcity CSR report here.

Please click here for our CSR Policy Document



Pinkcity maintains high standards of transparency with all relevant stakeholders to establish trust and goodwill by building and preserving the firm’s reputation for openness and honesty in its business dealings, including,

  • Regulators and Authorities. (by completing all compliance requirements and adhering to local and federal laws)
  • (by maintaining high level of integrity in communication, clear deadlines and product information.)
  • Vendors and Supply Chain partners (by negotiating fair value contracts and ethical sourcing guidelines.)
  • Employees (by keeping them informed of their rights and putting proper grievance redressal mechanism in place.)